Anything To Survive (1990)

Anything To Survive (1990)

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A divorced father and his three children whilst sailing from Prince Rupert get caught in a storm. After being shipwrecked and isolated on an island they try and find a way home from the bitter Alaskan coast. However after ten days with the situation becoming increasingly desperate the father must make an agonizing decision. One that could cost his childrens lives. Stars Robert Conrad Matt LeBlanc Ocean Hellman Emily Perkins.
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  1. Nice movie

  2. good one

  3. When all you got are fresh kelp and worms……

  4. Just one more comment.. awesome!!

  5. I found this movie by accident, never heard of it nor any of the cast. Because i am old and have not much to do, I am a self-proclaimed "billio0naire" and critic of you tube which overall gets about a 5 or 6?? Usually watch about 3 minutes before searching for something else., Here is a major exception!! Watched 20 minute thus far and say upfront its excellent and has a brain behinds it-correct name,excellent download and superior quality for an old movie.Thanks and put more out there!!!!!!!

  6. Absolute rubbish..

  7. I found this movie to be a very reliable survival guide. This accurate depiction of how to survive in the wilderness should be held aloft as the ultimate training manual for anyone that would find themselves helpless in a situation without a cellular device/ internet and stockpiles of prepared foods.

  8. "Joey doesn't share food!!!" – Now we know why!

  9. i've got it…the swiss family dummies!, how in the hell did gps system not detect that rock!

  10. how did they suvive? not explained

  11. How uuu duuing XD

  12. Stupid to leave deck in a storm.

  13. it's Robert Conrad from the commercial every ready batteries from the seventys

  14. Pity the movie did'nt sink with the boat

  15. This movies is a good movie but at the same time,it suck 2. The dad drove me crazy, let the son be a man. The girls are so strong and I still don't know how they made it so long out their by themselves.

  16. How old was Matt Leblanc in this movie? It's weird seeing him calling a grown man daddy!

  17. So let's be truthful Joey from Friends, was not "doing" so good was he :p

  18. Are we there yet ? No, Just 2 more islands

  19. movie about an obnoxious kid

  20. load of bollocks

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