Alternative Items For Your Pocket Survival Kit

Alternative Items For Your Pocket Survival Kit

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Here are some items that I have added to the Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Survival Pak. I found this kit to be very reasonable for the I paid for it, then I Just added in some items of my own to personalize it and try to keep the cost down as well. I also just give some ideas of other items that you might consider having in your pocket kit.

I also discuss some of the differences between the generation I AMK Pocket Survival Pak, and the NEW Pocket Survival Pak Plus and alternatives to both. Hope you enjoy!
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  1. I carry…
    Phone with torch
    First Aid Book
    Rubber/Sharpener-For Pencil
    Lunch Box
    A4 Paper
    Fully Loaded 50 Caliber HandCannon…

  2. im a punk so im going to give this video its only dislike 🙂

  3. both are very nice

  4. eltenda fabrizio

    great channel and video's..!

  5. Nice job.
    Consider a diamond sharpening card as opposed to the more traditional stone – for example – the dia-sharp from

  6. You should get some toilet paper in your kit. it is a life saver

  7. could you slip a rubber band around the pack away from the button for the light? If you move the band onto the button if you need both hands, maybe it would hold the button to ON ? Just a thought —

    thanks 🙂 nice vid

  8. @erpiv ?

  9. Check out my account im getting into this kind of stuff too!

  10. my deasent knife…a mechetie

  11. @vNstylez2004 I agree, but its a small package to begin with, which is sort of the point, I always carry a much larger pocket knife in addition to this kit for larger jobs. =)

  12. ArealManBeWithTheWomanThatHeChooses

    thats a small knife for your hand man, the handle is too short ..well thats just my opionion..but its all up to you

  13. I got a pocket survival pak today and I love it! U added a camando wire saw,water proof and wind proof matches,and a thermal blanket.

  14. @SmartSurvival o

  15. @jUSTiNdEE22 The $2 is just for demonstration purposes. YOu put in whatever you want to. Thanks for watching

  16. why $2 bill the r rare

  17. @NGMonocrom Thats why I prefer to just add my own items, because I can do so much cheaper than AMK can. Thanks for watching

  18. Ouch! $80 total for a few extra items? I got my original kit for just under $26. Those handful of items don't seem worth an extra $54. I carry lights on me. A small coin-cell light can be had for as little as $1. When folks are out and about in the wilderness, chances are they already brought along a water bottle, knife, and light with them.

    Swiss Army Pocket Pal = $17.50
    Coin-cell light = $1.00
    Cheap, large, water bottle = $3.50
    Bottle of purification tabs = $6.00

    Original is better

  19. samee71survival

    @mrkmdz yeah, those are good ideas. But you can use the foil not just for water collection, you can make a frying pan, signel mirror, fix hole in a shelter etc.

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