Alone in the wild – Full Season 1 [HD]

Alone in the wild – Full Season 1 [HD]

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Alone in the wild - Full Season 1 [HD]

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  1. what a awesome video – your so awesome mate! did a wonderful job. Is it really not allowed to kill moose?

  2. Senia. Samoata.

    that moose would have been his two weeks of meat supplies, this is what I call camping BY YOUR SELF.

  3. 50 days – what a wimp. Check out Alexander Selkirk. 4 years. Nuff said.

  4. stop crying, you have a safety net

  5. he's full of shit

  6. According to the SAS survival guide its depression that kills not lack of food. The crying is for lack of food. So I've would cooked syryp from fir tree twigs. There is also stuff underneath the bark of the pine trees that you can eat. And I've would have built a small simple house to protect from the bears to keep the stress level down because that eats your mental energy. But when in any kind of crisis it is important to eat just anything to keep your body thinking there is food. Anyway he should have brought along high energy stuff like nuts and not at all oats and rice. And first he should have learned to get along alone, and trying to survive in the wildlife, and only after that trying to survive in bear country. But it just shows why the population is so scarce in those parts of the Earth. Very hard survival.

  7. Oh that feeling when you hear cracks in the woods at night. I heard something sniffing and walking around the mountain refuge where I stayed alone for a night. The feeling is intense but I had to keep my cool, make some noise, accept the fact that something is walking around. And I was protected by walls, not out in the open.

  8. Akram Alexander

    I think this is bear shyt SHIT.. BEST MOMENT EVER

  9. allways put ya guts and stuff in the river… so the smell gets carried in the stream and not the air =P

  10. he can't find anything because he talks to damn much. and moves through the forest like a bumbling idiot…

  11. this dude is a fucking pussy

  12. The guy has got guts. For a guy to just head out into the middle of nowhere with very little survival skills. I think he did pretty good. I really don't know anyone who would do what he did.


  14. The fundamental problem here is he thought that this was some kind of reconnection to essential human nature and the primitive past. Fact is, this is not how people were. They were not alone. Humans are social animals, and  in the long term, having people to talk to is nearly as important as having food and water.

  15. mate, ya need to set two snares next to each other to block the whole track. rabbits are just running around your snare. just have a think about what ya doing lol

  16. man tears were shed 2:17:25

  17. Get a big brown bear in ya…….pussy

  18. 202 and on (you big sook)

  19. You're a brave man, when you cry i shout at you don't cry, sray foot i know you can and did it.Salute you Ed!Keep in shape!

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