A Natural Survival Shelter with No Tools. for the Preppers UK 2 Doubters

A Natural Survival Shelter with No Tools. for the Preppers UK 2 Doubters

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A Natural Survival Shelter with No Tools. for the Preppers UK 2 Doubters

The Directors Cut..Each Stage shown as a Walk through..and to prove I didn’t sneak the Hudson Bay or folding saw for ease, this is the unedited near 30 mins upload, this week I will shred it down with fast forwards etc for Matteus to view..but this has many attributes being uncut,,getting lost , finding a dead something, snow, hydration/clothing advice and basically seeing a survival shelter getting built..it was purposely high as it was designed with a fire in mind.
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  1. Bravo. Thanks man for Excelent idea.

  2. Caitlin Hutchison

    impressive, and done in 30 mins.

  3. I've always wanted to live in the past… Before natives. I'm talking like the year 500.. I've always been interested in this type of stuff.

  4. How would you defend yourself against a pist off dung beetle

  5. Nice one Scott. Half decent shelter too.

  6. MyLittleBronyGames

    Nice man great vid!

  7. Explorier Soloiest

    … ENJOYED FROM START2 FINISH…good prentation & communication( THROUGH OUT )… thanks ageine Siemion.

  8. The best thing about building a makeshift shelter is that you can always add to, and remove to fit your needs. Larger may not always be the best, but you do have that option. Also, depending on the weather, like snow, you can always dig down to make a fire to keep yourself warm without catching the shelter on fire. There is so much you can do. I think I will be building myself one so that others can use my ideas. Being that I live in the mountains in America, It will be entirely different.

  9. Excellent Vid.

  10. Does anyone know of a series where someone has to survive for more than a week and can't take modern tools with them or supplies (kind of like this but not just to build a shelter), all they have is the clothes on their backs and their skills. They can make primitive tools out of whatever they find in the forest/jungle/whatever such as knives, hatchets, cordage and weapons. But they cannot bring anything with them. Would really like to see that.

    Edit: Also, thanks for the upload, was very informative and interesting. :)

  11. Nice job its got a really big door and is big so its not going to keep you very warm but its going to keep you dry thats for sure

  12. ThirdDegreeWitch

    A straightforward , practical , no nonsense video ……. bliss . Bushcraft at its finest , not a gun, branded knife or over-priced bit of useless kit in sight 🙂 . Thanks

  13. KingDennisJensen

    Love watching these kinds of videos, relaxes me. Always loved camping/outdoors, never tried in winter though! 

  14. Romin van der Meiden

    I just knew there was a beerbelly under there! :))

  15. hi good job please take a look at my video just put into utube my home made tee pee . by keith rice

  16. Wessex Blades&Bushcraft

    absolutely,,I always go out heavy on the steel,,knife, saw, axe anything's better than nothing eh?

  17. I must admit that's the first time i've seen you unarmed lol, you usualy have some kind of steel around .

  18. Wessex Blades&Bushcraft


  19. Awesome.

  20. You made a very nice and lifesaving shelter! Wish you luck in the contest!

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