A Green Beret’s Guide to Surviving An EMP Event

A Green Beret’s Guide to Surviving An EMP Event

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Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).
Ben, I’m doing this article for you as I promised, and I hope it will help you (and others) to make those decisions in the critical moments and days following an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) event. Although I had plenty of science courses in college, I am not a scientist. Certainly someone with a scientific background will comment on this article. Let me state this: Scientists, I welcome all comments, positive or negative, but please make them proactive. These articles are forums where the writers are “emcees” that introduce topics for discussion and present some salient points. You guys and gals are the ones who pick up the topics and run the football in for the TD.

We need to be “SME’s” as we called them in the Army: Subject Matter Experts. One of my personal goals for SHTF is not just to draw a large readership base; it is to help readers develop themselves and also develop one another. Let the site become an ORP (objective rally point) where everyone can plan, exchange ideas, and attain better levels of awareness and preparation for the times to come. In this light, there is a lot of knowledge out there awaiting use. Take the knowledge you amass, step up to the plate, and take the swing: do the best you can with what you have. And if it isn’t perfect, so what? You give it your best shot and then adjust fire from there.

So here it is. Scenario 1 finds you on your way to work. You just dropped the kids off to school and you’re out on the freeway heading toward work at 8:05 am, armed with a cup of coffee and your local radio station. All of a sudden the radio crackles and all of the power in your vehicle cuts off and you drift (hopefully safely!) to a halt. You do a head check: all of your fellow commuters on the road are experiencing the same problem, except one guy in a ’54 Ford pickup truck who passes right by you. You look at your wristwatch and it is blank. Your cell phone is off, and out. You notice a traffic light ahead of you is out, and the convenience store and its sign on the corner are devoid of lights. Somewhere in the heart of the American Midwest, about 200 miles above the ground, an ICBM just went off and delivered an EMP to the U.S.

This article and the series are going to focus on some basic things we can do to help us prepare beforehand for such a scenario. Almost all of the readers here at SHTFplan knows about what an EMP is and some basics about it. We are not going to delve into all of the properties of the EMP. For those who haven’t heard of it, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a high-density electrical field that can damage or destroy electronic devices. EMP can affect cars and trucks, computers, electrical appliances, aircraft, power transmission grids, and anything unshielded from it. This can be delivered by a missile or a satellite and would have devastating effects on the U.S. power grid and infrastructure, as mentioned in this citation:
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  1. ExtrovertedCenobite

    Survive an EMP Event by converting to Amish.

    Many other pluses are that you eat fresh food, eggs, milk and meat that you actually raised or grew yourself and you don't have to shave any longer, except for the upper lip and that takes very little time, uses much less shaving cream and allows the razor to last ten times as long.

  2. In my feed, I'll have a single video from someone I follow or all these "suggestions" while at the same time, there's ten of yours not showing up at all! I have to go to "my subscriptions" if I want to see what you have posted on Dahboo777.

  3. lol!
    In the long run your fucked when any EMP event strikes… propably all nuclear reactors will blow up…

  4. KiloG5GUnion Frosty

    Download the book "A Failure of Civility" its free on the Kindle app.

  5. Very useful  info here on EMP survival look into it people  

  6. DAHBOO777,

    Gearing up to counter an EMP strike will cover most "bases" and it is a situation that most people can think about, quantify, and prepare for. Good words of advice brother!

    Keep up the good fight man, I know it can be daunting at times.

    Know this, you are making a difference in a very real way for your fellow man. God has made you one of his soldiers…believe it.

  7. [ “fractal_fighter” ]

    just don't forget your smart phone lol

  8. anotherquaalude

    prepping is just a ploy to make money.

  9. ty

  10. Valerie Demerski

    Are you sure you want to survive what's coming and be around for what comes next? According to the Bible it's a year of Hell on Earth!

  11. man of evil are making this happen ! gettinf ready for thier ''dark lord'' to arrive…..'CERN''  BP EARTHWATCH….SEE IT.  DAHBOO HAS THE IDEA ! SPREADING THE WORDS OF ''GOD'' TO MAKE READY FOR WHO THAT LISTEN………..SURIVE THE EVIL OF MEN.

  12. army's  are massing..on  the whole earth !  they are ready…are ''you'' ? !

  13. goto —space weather .com  and see those flares…emp's chances are going up @!

  14. I keep telling my roommate to fix his well so we can hand pump it if need be and he just rolls his eyes like I'm crazy. I'm a believer in what's coming, he's NOT!

  15. I imagine if you have a "Pacemaker" you are pretty fucked!

  16. how long does an EMP attack last where it constantly shorts out electronics? days,,weeks months?..

    how long must sensitive electronics be kept in secure containers?

  17. if this is the end. would you want to be the first to go? or would you want to stick around for the fun? good or evil?

  18. Can you buy this book?

  19. God Bless you Brother…want to know the root of what causing all this? CERN! Look into it!they built it on top of appolliacum in switzerland and france…And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. (‭Revelation‬ ‭9‬:‭11‬ KJV). They are summoning the antic christ, he will come out from cern…just as Bible says….time is unbelievably short, seek now? If you want more on this let me know….all these things are to distract you from CERN…THE REAL ISSUS IS CERN…TRUST ME, IN JESUS NAME GOD BLESS

  20. I'm all for preparing for whatever may come from above or below or from man but what should be a MUST preparation
    should be for the Judgment to come. That is soul judgment.
       Are you prepared for The Rapture or do you mock & snicker.
     All who have live upon the earth [ whether dead or alive ]
    shall give account to their Creator/Maker. Have you made preparation to enter The Kingdom of GOD or by default Hell aka as the lake of  fire { Rev. 20:15 }

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