[8] Minecraft Guide: Building a Treehouse Part 1 [Basics]

[8] Minecraft Guide: Building a Treehouse Part 1 [Basics]

- in Survival Basics

Welcome to my Minecraft Building Series Episode 8! I will be showing you how to build a natural outdoor treehouse! Part 1 of 2

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPnbpOW8oGw

You do not have to use the exact blocks, dimensions etc…

World Saved File (It Includes Parts 1 – 8):

Survival Island Episode 1 with 0TheMineCrafter0 and Nifty:

Check out the other parts if you haven’t seen them yet! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D4245CBBBFC92E7F

Step 85: Find a good location (Find a spot where there are many trees bunched up)

Step 86: Once you’ve found a decent spot (I haven’t) Then prepare to make a ladder leading to the top of the treehouse!

Step 87: If you have enough room… you can make a few “tunnels” inside your treehouse to make
rooms etc I clearly had to pick the worst natural treehouse. SOrry :/

Step 88: Lay down some glass around your treehouse to make some sort of watch area…
the view is amazing from up here lol

Step 89: Continue to make your seperated rooms. Try to plan it out because obviously once you destroy
the leaves we cannot get it back! Use resources wisely unless you’re the type of person who uses invedit…

Step 90: You could also use logs/birch trunks to add walls for your treehouse! I know you can make it better than this!

Step 91: You can clear the top perhaps make a 2nd story. However, I will not. Add torches around your treehouse
for protection against MOBS spawning on you!

Step 92: Remember, be creative as you can! THe first treehouse that I made was definitaly better than this one.
Too bad I didn’t record it… whatever lol

Step 93: I decide to place a crafting table, chests, etc you can even place a bed there…

Be sure to check out part 9 (Building a Treehouse Part 2!) [Currently making it]

We’ll be covering:
– Top Bedroom
– Bridge to the other treehouse
– 2nd Story treehouse and More!

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