7 Days To Die Tutorial – Day 1 Survival – Tools & Weapons (Alpha 14)

7 Days To Die Tutorial – Day 1 Survival – Tools & Weapons (Alpha 14)

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Alpha 14.6 Tutorial teaching you how to make a bow, arrows, stone ax and reinforced club to survive your first day in 7 Days to Die.

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  1. make another like this … first few days what to do !!

  2. Scrapping cans reduces the amount of early game water you can produce, healthy water anyway.

  3. Thanks for the tips

  4. If you make arrows first like 20 you bow will be level 20 :)

  5. +Capp00 Awesome tutorial man, I was impressed. You're tutorial was very helpful to newcomers, (such as myself) and you didn't stutter at all which I liked, and you were very serious and focused and informative; while also maintaining a sense of fun and excitement. Anyways, I'm rambling but I just wanted to give you a good critique on your video.

  6. I've been watching hours of your tutorials and I can't wait to get this game in the next 3 days thx to your tips :)

  7. how do u use a bow? it just zooms in for me

  8. I see, this is sort of like Minecraft but simpler and for a younger crowd. You don't need to learn calculus to build. Don't need to use your imagination. And there's BLOOD! Makes me feel grown up! I love it!

  9. I would love to see a video on how to find honey, antibiotics, and some of the harder things to find. Like crafting a gun, how to get that stuff set up for day 7. I'm playing with my wife and we are getting killed all the time.

    Also how to increase "wellness".

  10. just started this helped me a fuck ton

  11. Awesome tutorial! Really helps me a lot:)

  12. nice vid bud helped me to start my first game

  13. Was it just me or… there was a birds nest at 3:34?? (at the left side)

  14. Zoltán Szoboszlai

    This game is incredibly ugly.
    Colors are too dark.

    You might want to try one of these if you use megui with x264

    –input-range PC
    –input-range TV
    –input-range PC –range TV
    –input-range TV –range PC

    I use the third

  15. As always you speak clearly and your explanation are easy to follow. Great job again.

  16. Really good video! Nice Easy and simple to Understand.


  17. Your voice is pleasant, easy to listen to. Idea: "first night spent in a dug hole" Basically a 3m depth hole, with some hatch or wooden crates above, maybe some wooden spikes around (but not too close) the entry

  18. Hope this guide helps some of you that are new to the game, or maybe even convinces you to want to get the game. #7DaystoDie is a great game, especially playing with friends. Thanks for all the support :)

  19. Been awhile sine I've been on YouTube. It's Slugy btw, I just changed my name to something more professional. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and I hope you're doing well. :)

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