5 Minute Super Survival Food Recipe! Off The Grid News

5 Minute Super Survival Food Recipe! Off The Grid News

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This week Brandon shares his recipe for a Chia flat-bread that’s easy to make and can provide you with a quick way to make fresh bread daily.

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  1. Can I add more flour if it's to sticky, I have to use a kitchenaid so how long for mixing with one.  Thank You.

  2. survival?

  3. Super Survival just after i take care of this zombie bitch

  4. Donald Eugene Lucas

    Good stuff! You could be on the Food Network.

  5. Driskell Brandl

    3 Homesteading Hacks That Will Instantly Make Your Life Better. look now https://t.co/UC39OLNNcI

  6. At least 8 electrical outlets there.  Impressive!

  7. You said you pulled the dough out of the fridge? Didn't let it rest in a warm place?

  8. Could you disclose details on the dough and how you prefer to make it?

  9. So I'm looking to make my own survival food to store away for emergencies and all I can find is people making meals for camping…

  10. first mention of kids. nope i hate kids they can fuck off

  11. Great vid! I'm totally doing this.

  12. he's right make your own bread

  13. we fry it and call it bakes. eat it with cidfish or anything you want. It's frybread too.

  14. this stuff makes the best french toast

  15. Off the grid……Dude is standing in a kitchen and uses store bought stuff. This is not off the grid….

  16. Its Roti… 

  17. "Off the grid", yet you're using Youtube. This entire channel makes no sense. And a "weekly email newsletter" is just ironic.

  18. That's the most effort I've ever seen a sailor put into cooking.

  19. Old third class. Maybe had a bust or something

  20. it's just a fucking fat version of a tortilla…

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