$5 DIY Survival Shelter

$5 DIY Survival Shelter

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 DIY Survival Shelter

Get your orange bag HERE:

Get a case of them HERE:


Orange Paracord:

Flat Pack Duct tape:

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  1. I like the Mylar idea. I think I will try incorporating it into a DIY tipi shelter design for extra comfort in cold weather. I like using tape and have used it in all my tipi's, works better than I would have thought. Till now, I have only used plastic and Tyvek in tipi videos I've posted. I also like the orange plastic bivy bag. Still plan a video on a Tyvek bivy bag tent idea I have. I love this stuff but the old bones keep me from doing much these days.

  2. its a nice practical idea. I think maybe taping the Mylar on a couple corners to the cord and then sliding the improvised tube tent over that then taping the tent to the cord would be less hassle. then all you would need to do is tuck the bottom of the Mylar behind the cord you used to hold the tent base open after you climb in. Good video as always.

  3. Good idea. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. One of the better I've seen. Thanks.

  5. Nicholas Aarons (Nick Mini)

    Cool Video Dude. Nick.

  6. Philippe Zimmermann

    In germany, kids-sized tents like these used to come once a year as "gimmick" in a favorite children magazin. After the name of the magazine, we still call them "Yps Zelte" (Yps Tents). Hehe… fond memories.

  7. That's a great idea for a way to build a good, but cheap, fast and easy emergency shelter. Keep up the great work.

  8. Treasure camgre

    Love the video! Great job as always!

  9. David Lee (gara)

    Great set up

  10. I live in the South. A lot of spots you film in remind me of deer camp spots here in MS. Out of curiosity, what state are you in ? I found your channel last week and have been tearing through your vids. Thanks for such a great channel

  11. great idea tip

  12. Great idea.  I use a clear red tube tent (REI), ridgeline cord, 2 wood stakes, and my 2 walking poles.  No trees and tree ridge line.  Put the ridgeline through the tube tent and stake the foot end into ground.  Grab the foot end and overlap tubing until the end is wrapped into a puckered triangle.  If you leave enough cord at the foot stake, make a half hitch to secure/close/hold the tube's foot end.  Pull both tube tent and ridge line taut at the head end.  Take the walking sticks and make a bipod, with the stick poles' points into the ground.  Pull tube tent taut, and half hitch the tube tent ridgeline point next to the sticks.  Then do a little wrap around of the ridge line around both poles.  Stretch out the ridgeline and stake into the ground.  Instead of a full and open ended pup tent, this is a "sitting pup" tent.

    (Optional), if you want use some other tie downs and stake the bottom corners for the head end, you can half hitch a cord and a stake.  Otherwise, if you prepped at home with duct tape on both sides of the tubing, make a punch hole for the walking sticks to point through the tent and into the ground.  Otherwise, leave alone, and you wrap closed the head end at night, keeping out the bugs.  Put your backpack at the feet, then pad and sleeping bag, boots alongside you.  Close up the tent and your are entirely warm, and I have not experienced any real moisture issues.  If you also carry a small mosquito netting (those buggers still get into a closed up tube tent, and have this tied off from the ridge line, and tuck under the sleeping bag and pad.  I spent less than $3 for the actual tent items (tube tent and cord).  No taping and having to extract tape from plastic and ridge line.  With the duct tape model, just half hitch the ridge line at both ends of the tube tent, and this saves the taping issues.  Sitting pup tent is easy to take down, hank up cord, toss wood stakes into the brush or burn in campfire, and roll up tube tent into little fold up.  If weather is cold, then install a mylar space blanket over the ridge line (and mosquito netting), and under the pad and sleeping bag like a pup tent and footprint.  Toasty toasty.  All is good.

  13. a good, quick and simple demo,
    cheers for sharing,

  14. I guess you'll delete that as well

  15. the 4 stacks you used in the video where not in the kit when you showed it in the beginning. They are usually a buck each?

  16. Opal Preston Shirley

    Cool idea. Straight forward. Thanks. atb Opal

  17. OR for $6.88 at Walmart you could buy a 8×10 tarp or for $4.88 a 6×8 tarp with silver side reflection. Now you have room for yourself, your buddy and all you gear and can build a fire that won't melt your shelter. Keep the 55 gal liner for ground cloth.

  18. I have this and I hate that it's orange. But it's pretty cool for emergencies, for sure.

  19. Great video

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