31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines

31st MEU Marines Learn Jungle Survival in the Philippines

- in Survival In The Jungle

Marines with India Battery, Company G., Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, learn jungle survival techniques from Philippine Marines during a training evolution of Amphibious Landing Exercise 2013. Soundbites from Lance Cpl. Julio Velasquez. Produced by Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. Also available in high definition.

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  1. everything they just learned I Learned myself a long long time ago just off of

  2. Jameel Adrian Luga

    philippine marine and us soldiers join forces

  3. wonder if those skills did work on mamasapano.

  4. @ adonis guy : when ur in a survival mode even if ur not a soldier u nid 2 learn things on how to survive specially in a jungle …drs no good ration in wars.

  5. Brave soldier's..

  6. what's the Philippines marines' basic gov. issue field ration? 

  7. I wanna survival s tni indonesia …lol

  8. Any war since atomic weaponry is a farce.

  9. That puts a whole new twist on meat and potatoes

  10. They need to turn that entire region into a giant permanent military base and military training area.  

  11. O exercito brasileiro ensinou tudo isso a vocês, kkkkk

  12. Sorry US this is the only thing that we can offer you. 

  13. GU 12 CC โอ๊ต บิ๊กไบค์


  14. The Philippine army really needs a new and better equipment so that they can continuous ly fight without problems on their equipment like jamming guns……. 

  15. US Marines failed on Brazil jungle training, now they are trying something easier

  16. They will share Jungle survival skills but will never share Philippine Jungle Gorilla warfare .

  17. offshore30sender

    Joint training by US and Filipinos has been going on since WWII and included (JEST) .Jungle Environment Survival Training , they also had jungle warfare training. The MARINES here look a bit overwhelmed, .not like the hard core MARDET that was stationed there prior to the U. S. giving up the base.  maybe spent just a little too long in the sandbox.

  18. do not eat too much camote! he-he-he

  19. Yara Ahshva Ahraya (Jr)

    good video all around 

  20. I want to join military related stuff or what not, I just hate the hazing part (not that i'm sure of)

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