3 Street Fight Self Defense Technique Principles

3 Street Fight Self Defense Technique Principles

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http://DefeatLargerAttackers.com – Most self defense techniques are too complicated and not effective for street fighting. When choosing which self defense or martial arts techniques to train with, apply these three street fighting filters.


  1. Sounds good for me. I like this approach :)

  2. Malachi "Mal" Johnson SILVERADO

    Yeah man the wrist bending and all that BS never works that's why u never seen ufc fighters used them, if someone holding ur shirt like that it means they had lowered the defense for u easy strike.

  3. DildoUnicorn 33

    Nice presentation, good delivery. I wish we had more eloquent, tough but characterly sound martial arts teachers in germany. I have had so much bad luck here…

  4. A Harmless Non-Pedo Hipster Man

    win a fight

    A be a pussy and run
    B Fight and kick ass
    C let him/her kill you
    D suck his dick and say sorry too prevent it

    i choose….
    $ecret option 360 no scope headshot him mlg style :)

  5. look the fighter like obama @@

  6. Caden Acreman-Brown

    Thanks for the advice 

  7. woah, what the hell happened to that dudes lower half?

  8. shinobi1kenobi75

    I keep seeing all these people yelling about Mcdojos. What chaps my ass is all these fake self defense videos. Do not think that watching a video will change anything. You must train, train, train. Not only the body but you mindset. You must also study the realities of confrontations as well as your legal standing.

  9. Team 1 Martial Arts & Fitness

    Finally, someone who knows something about self defense posting on you tube.  Thank you guys!

  10. I learn all my techniques from my cat

  11. I do like your defense tips. Thanks so much for sharing these vids with us, Ive subscribed; Jesus Christ Bless! :)

  12. The bigger they are the more they kick shit out of you

  13. Just run away

  14. Halvdan Knutsson

    Step 1: Have a gun

  15. He's skipping some very important yet simple principals 

  16. Obama! leave that man alone!

  17. I am 5'5 130 pounds i went walking to a not too good please, some black person called the hood, and told me i was in the west side i told him (he was about 7 feet tall 334lb pure muscle his friend called him mandingo) this was not the west side boy" i felt a hard force hit me in the face i woke up in a wheel chair stairing out a window, your self defence did not work but now i have time to look outside and enjoy nature…

  18. Tom “asiangamer” Ly

    Wish me luck defend my friends from a school bully 

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