25 point shtf survival plan

25 point shtf survival plan

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A 25 point shit hits the fan survival guide. Inform me if I miss critical points or happen to be off on anything. Please rate, share, comment, or subscribe.


  1. Only thing I didnt catch was Communications. Radio operations and hard wire systems like telegram and old field phones 

  2. Great Job!

  3. Carrie Lonsdale

    You show all the power tools and we would probably not have electricity unless it is alternately made

  4. Americanprepper13

    thats an a frame just search up "A Frame shelter" on youtube and you will see lots of instructional videos

  5. 6:23 awesome shelter can somebody tell if there is a vid to make the exact shelter??

  6. I believe water is the most important item to sustain our lives. There is no one on here who can afford a computer but says they can't afford to stock up on water. Even something like a hurricane or flood. Look at the videos from Katrina. The so called 'government' didn't show up 4 almost a wk. People where dying from no water in the heat. 48 hrs of no H2O U dehydrate, get mentally exhausted, can't even think clearly to handle situations. Water, food, medicines & shelter. TOILET PAPER!

  7. Drinkmoor Ovaltine

    Small Faraday cages, such as the galvanized steel trash can model, don't require a ground. In fact, a ground might draw current to the cage causing it to breach. 

  8. Drinkmoor Ovaltine

    Hogs are huge! I would go with the smaller 'potbelly' pigs, goats, chickens and rabbits. Unfortuatly I live in the city and am only allowed 6 chicken by law.

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