#1/2 How to play: Survive – Wilderness Survival (normal playthrough) [English]

#1/2 How to play: Survive – Wilderness Survival (normal playthrough) [English]

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Its a free early access game on android! I play it through and explain the basic machanics. If you like it, give a shoutout! 🙂

Get this game here:

Recorded with Dxtory and the virtual Android: Bluestacks

Intro und Outro Music from:
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  1. you have play cs go?

  2. Did you delete my comments??? Uncool man.

  3. Marco Antonio Sánchez

    Excelent!! :)

  4. Halil Hamevioğlu

    Just survived after ten days and 80 miles. Fishing once, hunting none and drank plenty of rain water. And does anyone happen to know the music plays when you finish the game?

  5. Juuso Hietalahti

    Hey, thanks for making this video. Great to see how people play my game ;)

  6. What are you a fucking faggot?

    you can only spear fish when you are at a creek

  7. can you craft rope if you run out of them?

  8. The lake is fine, but I get most luck with a snare and deadfall. hunting and fishing hardly ever gives me luck.

  9. lake pretty good source for food

  10. you sound like you r out of breath?

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