1000 Military Manuals Teach Survival Skills Learn From The Best!

1000 Military Manuals Teach Survival Skills Learn From The Best!

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Be Prepared for the Worst, With the World’s Greatest Survival Product! Bar-None!
You can have the secrets you need to succeed in any situation. Everything from Survival and Evasion to Self Defense to Home Fortification. From Basic Firearm Safety to Advanced Firearm Tactical Shooting. Everything you will ever need to Be Prepared at your fingertips.

Have You Asked… What If? Well You Should!
Riots, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, diseases, civil unrest and even the possibility of full-fledged war — are not threats that you should take lightly.

In fact, if you have watched any TV in the past 6 months, you WILL remember at least one of the above mentioned catastrophes, maybe even two or three happening… The bottom line is —

At a Moments Notice, Your Whole World Could Be Flipped Upside Down!

Are you prepared for the worst?
If there was a flood, a riot or a sudden declaration of war, what would you do when things go berserk, and absolutely haywire? Your cell phone won’t work. Roads become unusable. Grocery stores run out of food. There is violence on the streets. Looters, gangs and even murderers are competing with you to survive. Food and water is limited. Medical supplies are short and what if you have family members, friends and relatives that are in desperate need of help…

Studies show that 95% of all people in society are unprepared. In other words, 95 out of 100 people will have no idea what to do. Now, if you are a follower and the leader who leads you in difficult, dire circumstances is incompetent, you are doomed! Along with your family and friends who are with you.

When the call of the hour is survival, YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED AND LEAD!

Survival is all about knowledge!
Are you a fan of survival shows, where experts are put into situations where they have to survive using their own wit and experience? Those experts survive only because of the information that they have in their minds, minds that have been trained for survival.

With information, with knowledge, you have the ability to survive in any circumstance, using their proven techniques. On the other hand, without that information, you have nothing to do but wait for time to close in on you, as the hour of doom slowly approaches!

Military Survival Manuals,
Now Available to You!
The playing field is real. In an emergency confusion spreads. Then panic sets in. And attitudes change. To prepare. We can count only on our military. Advancements in land, sea and air combat have allowed us to dominate. You can rest assured that the military has the BEST training on survival tactics. Bar-None!

Now, you have complete and full access to that very same collection of military survival training manuals, survival manuals that you will not find at any bookstore!

What Military Survival Manuals
Can Teach You?
• Survival Training:
o How to survive when you can’t buy food and water?
o How to survive when you are sick, hurt and without medical supplies?
o How to prepare yourself mentally, to survive in hell-like conditions?

• Weapons training:
o How to use weapons effectively, if you have them?
o How to build your own weapons? If you don’t!
o How to protect yourself against people with weapons?

• Special forces training:
o Survival training that help you live through EXTREME conditions.

• Combat Skills training:
o How to use your body as a weapon?
o How to use self-defense techniques to protect yourself and your family?

• Command Training:
o How to lead people in difficult circumstances?
o How to deal with people who cause unrest in uncertain times?

• Military Intelligence Training:
o Using military grade intelligence overcome and achieve.

• First aid training:
o How to attend to yourself, if you are hurt?
o How to care for others who are hurt and sick?
o How to administer life-saving first aid without proper medical supplies?

• Construction Training:
o How to build habitant structures, with amenities?
o How to build structures that protect you from the harsh elements of nature?
o How to build structures that protect you against enemies?

AND SO MUCH MORE – Over 1000 Military Survival Manuals Included!

Wait till you see the bonus material thats included.


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