1 of 3: The Purpose, Planning and Packing your Bug-Out-Bag 1/3

1 of 3: The Purpose, Planning and Packing your Bug-Out-Bag 1/3

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The Purpose, Planning and Packing your Bug-Out-Bag 1/3

This video series goes over information concerning the ‘Bug-Out-Bag’. For those just starting out this will give you a good idea on the basics of building your own BOB.

the Bug-Out-Bag

Survival Kit

Ten Essentials

BOBs are not new but are gaining popularity as ppl understand that they need to be responsible for the safety of themselves and their family members. Lots of info on BOBs can be found on the internet but you need to build your BOB for you, your location and the possible emergencies you might face. Many ppl cannot spend lots of money on their BOB, so the information here is geared toward those who dont have a lot of money &/or those who are just beginning to gather information on what a BOB is and how it is to be used in conjunction with various survival skills. You can have the most expensive and high tech BOB but if you cannot use the items to survival (IOW you have little or no skills) then your BOB is worthless.

A BOB is not just a bag of stuff, but tool to help you survive in an emergency. The greatest tool you have is you and your abilities to evaluate your situation, build a BOB and practice using it so your confident in your abilities and equipment. Remember this is just an introductory look and not an all inclusive video series.

I hope this helps.



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  1. I appreciate your wisdom and respect your experience. I'd be interested to see you do a Urban Get Home Bag. I live in metro Phoenix and my work is about 20 miles from home. I'm in great shape but when it's 100+ degrees a 20 mile ruck is pushing it. I've created my GHB with an emphasis on water and being as light as possible.

  2. I saw that bag in perfect condition at a junk sale for $5, did`nt buy it doesn't even have two straps.

  3. mountainmanwoodworks

    Do you keep a general BOB in your pantry for last minute food prep, so you have the food for the time of year that you have to bug-out? And do you ever carry a short notice BOB in your vehicle? I have a plastic coffee can(maxwellhouse) that I keep in my car with TP, just in case it it needed. It keeps the TP dry and clean and smells like coffee. I enjoy your videos, keep safe…


    what about doing recon of resources in your area. like what store have large storage in the back, what stores have what you need, what buildings have back up systems, what buildings are hardened already, what buildings are good for defending or just hiding."this i know is for urban mostly but noe soley"

  5. Let me make something perfectly Clear!.. The World will change in our lifetime. There is Way to much going on around the world to think otherwise. Be prepared, why not,. Sometimes you mention these (BOB's) to people and they are all dumbfounded because its a new idea and foreign to them. Who cares, might as well be prepared. And Please, 72 hours is Rubbish! Plan for items that will keep you Alive for as long as any situation will be. Criticl thinking will come into play then and later. PACK WELL

  6. Kitchen sink?

  7. Having seen a lot of dross on the subject of BOB's, This was well thought out and very helpfull, full of pertinent and concise info on the subject matter.Every time I go to sort out my gear I give this vid a rerun.

  8. liked ya video ,hey did you ever see the film series why we fight from wwll ,if you can get it and youll see how today here is like it was in japan,italy,and germany,its scary but true i suggest everyone should watch it expecially the first two . prelude to war and nazi strike.

  9. hey youtubers,
    I've watched bugout bag videos from 12 different youtubers and safearmsreview videos on the subject are the most informative in my opinion. Other good videos were made by packrat556 and analyticalsurvival.

  10. Sr,do you use to take your bible with you? thank you!! god bless you and yours

  11. i live in Arizona, so im pretty much screwed when my water goes out.

  12. @lttlboom Wise words indeed – your absolutely correct.


  13. @boyfat1997 I try to get discounts on all my items & I keep updating my BOB so I can say the total cost. The black back I got in Korea for $35 back in the early '90s but its pretty high quality & probably costs $200+ just for the bag.


  14. Stock Pile Tactical

    Hey Steve can you tell me how much the BOB goes for and what model is the black one hanging in the back ground?

  15. Stock Pile Tactical

    Hey Steve can you tell me how much the BOB goes for and what model is that black one behind you is? thanks

  16. @poodooyou1 Yes and one of these days I hope to make a vid on it.


  17. Great vid, Steve, and very informative.

    I've had my bug out bag for years! Good thing, too…

    Just a few weeks ago, we were hit with 3ft of snow & I lost power for 4 days….Thanks to my BOB, I was able to eat hot food, make soup, have some tea…etc.

    Grabbed my little Esbit Stove, grabbed my canteen cup, and checked out what I had stocked up in the pantry….Man, I was eatin' like a king! LOL

    You just never know when you might need some survival gear. Even in your own home!

  18. very nice presentation!

  19. overlordsshadow

    Great top down approach with some real planning and thinking! Great info! Keep it coming:)

  20. I LOVE IT! It's like a sports "chalk talk" vid. I almost felt like I was back in school in a football position meeting learning off/def stratgies. Straight forward and well planned.

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